The Tobacco Free Coalition of Pinellas

Improving the health of our community by working to reduce tobacco use and exposure to toxic secondhand smoke.

Policy Focus

The Tobacco Free Coalition of Pinellas County devotes it efforts to the following policy areas: Point of Sale Marketing, Candy-Flavored Tobacco Restriction, K-12 School Policy, Smoke-free Multi-Unit Housing Policy, and Employee Cessation Coverage. These policy areas have been chosen for their overall environmental and social impact on tobacco use and secondhand smoke exposure among adults and children.

To learn more about each policy area and what the TFCP is doing to address these issues, please click on the following links:

Point of Sale Marketing
The tobacco industry has used many advertising tactics to lure kids and adults into using tobacco. One of these tactics goes mostly unnoticed by adults, but is seen by kids; point of sale marketing.

Candy Flavored Tobacco Restriction
Chocolate, cotton candy, cherry…these are flavors we all know and love–but did you know that many types of tobacco come in these flavors too? If you’re an adult, you may not have noticed the grape flavored cigarillo at the convenience store, but be sure that a child did. In fact, children are twice as likely to notice candy-flavored tobacco than adults–which could lead to them wanting to try it.

Tobacco Free School Policy
Teachers and school staff are key in setting strong examples of good habits and behavior. This includes healthy behavior like not smoking or quitting smoking. However, without a strong K-12 Tobacco Policy for teachers, staff, and students, normalization of tobacco use can permeate our schools.

Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing
Smoke from neighbors is a nuisance that many renters deal with on a regular basis–but did you know that secondhand smoke in apartment complexes and condominiums costs money and your health? Landlords, property managers, and tenants can work together to stop smoke from entering their homes and properties.

Employee Cessation Coverage
Working with employers to help cover cessation through insurance and access to resources, like the 3 Ways to Quit, can increase the motivation to quit smoking for employees and create a healthier work environment. Many health insurance companies offer cessation therapy coverage through their health insurance plans. Employers can also take action by adopting a tobacco-free policy for employees.


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