The Tobacco Free Coalition of Pinellas

Improving the health of our community by working to reduce tobacco use and exposure to toxic secondhand smoke.

Employee Cessation Coverage

Employers can join in the effort to reduce tobacco use and secondhand smoke exposure by working with their health insurance companies to include coverage for cessation therapies and adopt tobacco-free policies in the workplace. Here are some quick facts about employee cessation coverage and smoking from Tobacco Free Florida and Florida Tobacco Cessation Alliance:

  • Tobacco users cost Florida businesses $4,056 in productivity loss annually per tobacco user.
  • An additional $2056 is lost in healthcare costs per tobacco user.
  • Pack a day smokers experience 75 percent more lost productive time than nonsmoking workers.
  • Smoking cost Florida business $19.6 billion per year in workplace productivity losses, premature deaths and direct healthcare expenditures.

Has your business adopted a policy and/or added coverage for tobacco cessastion?  We want to recognize your committment!  The Florida Tobacco Cessation Alliance recognizes businesses for their efforts in creating tobacco-free workplaces and supporting employee cessation.

What can we do about this?

If you or your business is interested in more information on adopting a tobacco-free policy, extending coverage for cessation, or would like us to help facilitate policy implementation, please contact the Tobacco Free Pinellas Coalition at (727) 588-4040, ext. 3171.


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