The Tobacco Free Coalition of Pinellas

Improving the health of our community by working to reduce tobacco use and exposure to toxic secondhand smoke.

Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing Policy

Adding a smoke-free housing policy to leases can significantly impact the health of tenants and the bottom line for landlords. Here are some quick facts about smoking in multi-unit housing from Tobacco Free Florida:

  • 80 percent of Florida adults are non-smokers.
  • 4 in 5 non-smokers would prefer a smoke-free building policy.
  • Smoking is the leading cause of residential fires.
  • Some insurance companies offer discounts to properties with smoke-free policies.
  • Smoke-free units cost less to rehab and require less turnover time than units that have been smoked in.
  • Tenants with pre-existing medical conditions that are negatively impacted by secondhand smoke can file a complaints under the Fair Housing Act.

What can we do about this?

Tenants can advocate to landlords or property managers for smoke-free housing policies by educating other tenants and property management on the benefits of smoke-free housing policies.  Landlords, condominium associations, and property managers can develop and adopt policy language in the lease, association rules and/or house rules to limit secondhand smoke exposure in and out of units.  The Tobacco Free Pinellas Coalition can present information on smoke-free housing to housing leadership and stakeholders, help facilitate policy adoption, and provide cessation and prevention information.  For more information please contact us at (727) 588-4040, ext. 3171.


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